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  • M_Robertson
    started a topic AC TIG Puddle Won't Form

    AC TIG Puddle Won't Form

    I have inconsistent results establishing a puddle for AC TIG on aluminum using a Syncrowave 250. I have tried the following to remedy the problem:
    * New tungsten
    * Torch angle and rotating tungsten to redirect arc
    * Different sized cups
    * Adjusting HF dial
    * Cranking up...
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  • fillet welds aluminum vs steel leg length

    i’m just doing some structural work on some aluminum yachts. just wondering if we follow the same formulas to find weld size (throat, leg) as steel as we have no drawings
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  • Silverback
    started a topic Welder settings with 5356

    Welder settings with 5356

    I have a MM211MVP that came with a spoolmate spool gun. There are settings for 4043 wire on the chart in the door but I have never found them (on the door, searching online...) for 5356 wire.

    Does anyone know where to find them? Even a chart from another welder that shows both 4043 and...
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  • Stainless, aluminum or powder coat for outdoor use??

    I'm looking to do a few outdoor projects and I'd like them to look good and be maintanance free for years! I'd really like to have a bare metal finish and not have to deal with clear coating or powder coating, however, as I read more and more into different materials, I'm not sure this is a realistic...
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  • Cracking issues on 1/4" aluminum tin welded butt joints - 5052 -

    (can't seem to edit the post title but auto-correct changed "tig" to tin)
    Hello All. Im fabricating another batch of planter boxes in 1/4" 5050, but I'm having major cracking issues this time around. Though the one I've attached a picture of is a funny shape, most are rectangles....
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  • AntoineJackson
    started a topic How to weld aluminum?

    How to weld aluminum?

    I want to weld 7075 aluminum but not able to find recommended filler metal for it. Can any one give some idea about aluminum welding?...
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  • No AC frequency adjustment after updating syncrowave 210

    Hello millerwelds forums! I'm hoping someone out there can help me get AC frequency up and running on my syncrowave 210. (My machine doesn't have the spoolmate capability in the bottom left corner, so it's not the latest model)

    Here's the scoop:

    -I hadn't had AC frequency adjustment...
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  • cledford
    started a topic spoolgun not triggering gas flow

    spoolgun not triggering gas flow

    I have a millermatic 200 with the spoolmatic 1. Everything works fine except the gas wont flow when you pull the trigger. Any ideas?
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  • tungsten stability ac tig aluminum problems

    Ive been doing a lot of aluminum tig work lately with a Syncrowave SD 180 which i had thought was (and according to specs is) a bit under powered for 3/16" and 1/4" plate. Ive recently got a helium argon mix to get a bit more heat at the weld which is working really well. I no longer need...
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  • josgraha
    started a topic Green vs Purple Tungsten

    Green vs Purple Tungsten

    I have recently learned that using green tungsten in an inverter machine is a no-no. I have been welding for over 15 years and I have never heard this until now when I purchased a Dynasty 700 machine. I have used the purple for a while and I am not very fond of it so far. I started using the green again...
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  • Weldog
    started a topic Erratic arc

    Erratic arc

    I own a Miller Econotig, and I'm trying to weld 1/8 aluminum square tubing.
    I believe all my settings are correct. 3/32 tungsten, 75/25 on my gas, pure tungsten (green), material is clean, A/C, ball on end of tungsten, and grounded directly to material.
    I got machine, used, approximately...
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  • lpfullmetal
    started a topic Preheating 1\2" 6061 aluminum

    Preheating 1\2" 6061 aluminum

    Hey guys... i have a project were i need to fillet weld a 4" X 18' X .5" to another piece with the same dimensions. So when its done it looks like a "T". Im using a aluma pro with 1/16th wire (5356). Do i need to preheat this piece for an optimal weld? This piece is going to be a...
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  • 1Redneck
    started a topic Aluma pro contact tips sticking

    Aluma pro contact tips sticking

    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but it can be like finding a needle in a haystack searching for some, sorry if this is redundant.

    First of all, we're new to aluminum welding. We have a big project welding aluminum parts and are having problems with the wire melting...
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  • Stu Miles
    started a topic passportplus aluminum bar

    passportplus aluminum bar

    Passport Plus 1/4 inch aluminum bar.
    New to welding, with specific needs.
    I want to weld 1/4 inch bar armatures to put canvas on.
    So there is not much stress or weight - hopefully.

    As to weight, would like to keep it down and would like to weld 3/16, 1/4 inch...
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  • smithworks
    started a topic Tig Welding Aluminum Norms

    Tig Welding Aluminum Norms

    I am a self taught welder. I have tig welded for over 10 years, mainly steel stainless and silicon bronze. I would consider myself a very good welder. I have recently started working a lot with aluminum and am getting frustrated with what I feel are non satisfactory welds (mainly the presents of...
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