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  • migtig36
    started a topic welding advice?

    welding advice?

    I'm currently attending icc in mississippi for welding ,never having done it before, I consider myself decent and have picked up on mig and tig easily. I'll graduate in December there any advice anyone can give me as to getting a job or little tips n tricks that could help me pursue my career...
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  • dylan558
    started a topic welding occupation?

    welding occupation?

    I'm thinking about going to welding school. So you guys think there's a demand for welders in today's work force?
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  • dylan558
    started a topic first project

    first project

    Teaching myself how to weld. This was my first project. Used a craftsman ac 100 that I acquired from a friend.

    On a side note, any professional employed welders: is now a good time to go to welding school? Demand for jobs? And what schools so you recommend...
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  • stick welding noob.... any advice on this ? root&fill



    can any one help me out with this? 2 months of practice and i cant get it done the right way...

    6010 root, 7018 fill &cover...uphill.

    thank you.......
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  • DRD
    started a topic Millermatic 212 advice / suggestions?

    Millermatic 212 advice / suggestions?

    Hello all! As you probably can see, I'm new here and have been looking to purchase a miller mig welder for quite some time now. I have found a fairly new miller millermatic 212 at a local flea market here, and it does seem to be in good condition! (Not beat up or external physical damage) The seller...
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