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  • DougM
    started a topic Mig welding Aluminum plate to cast Al

    Mig welding Aluminum plate to cast Al

    Hey guys.
    I’ve searched high and low all over the web for mig or tig welding Al plate to cast Al. No joy. So this forum is one of my last resorts.

    The Task:
    Fabricate a high-speed, relatively low-tension winch spool from a cast aluminum scooter wheel and 0.25” thick Al plate...
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  • lpfullmetal
    started a topic Preheating 1\2" 6061 aluminum

    Preheating 1\2" 6061 aluminum

    Hey guys... i have a project were i need to fillet weld a 4" X 18' X .5" to another piece with the same dimensions. So when its done it looks like a "T". Im using a aluma pro with 1/16th wire (5356). Do i need to preheat this piece for an optimal weld? This piece is going to be a...
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    started a topic Aluminum Help Please

    Aluminum Help Please

    Can anyone please give me some suggestions as I am new at this. I tried running a few beads on some 1/8 6061. I cleaned the plate with a scotch bright hand pad, then wiped it clean. I'm using 3/32 Ceriated (sharp point), [email protected], 3/32 4043 filler. NO.6 cup (no gas lens). I'm curious why the bead...
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