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  • Matt
    started a topic Rotiserrie BBQ

    Rotiserrie BBQ

    For many years I had dreamed of conquering the ultimate barbecue feat, spit roasting a whole pig. I started this project a year ago and was able to finish just before 4th of July, working here and there in the evening and weekends.
    There were very few complications when the day came and it turned...
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  • Matt
    replied to Best Welder for my situation?
    Thanks for the info guys. Im definetly looking at the 200DX but considering saving for a little while longer to get the 300DX. Harold, I actually live not far from you and drive by there everyday to go to work. Would love the chance to try the 200DX before I buy it. Thanks, again!
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  • Matt
    started a topic Best Welder for my situation?

    Best Welder for my situation?

    I was wondering what would be the best Miller Tig welder I could get for my particular situation? The power input for the welder would be a single phase 220v circuit with a 50 amp breaker. I have a budget of $5000.00. Is this more money than I need to spend for a welder that will match up with the power...
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