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  • Lanny,
    Regarding reliability all I can add is my personal experience. I purchased new a Dynasty 300 and have owned it now for about 14 years and have had no problems with the machine. The wireless foot pedal battery module's plastic became brittle and I didn't appreciate Millers price for a...
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  • Bird,
    Don't know if you have already purchased the machine or not, but the newer 350P's have a feature when welding aluminum called CRATER FILL. It is a setting that allows your welder to automatically taper off at the end of a bead when you release your gun trigger, as opposed to just abruptly...
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  • AL5052
    replied to Farm Needs 252 or 350p
    Farmer Marty,
    Not sure if it has already been mentioned or not but the 350P when used in Pulse Mode is designed to be used with 100% Argon because the Argon provides a better / stable arc. I have had a 350P for about 12 years now and I really like the smooth arc and nice beads it produces in...
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  • Boat Motor Skeg/Cavitation Plate Welding

    I have started repairing Cavitation plates and Skegs on Stern drives and have learned a lot from reading this forum. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge members have generously shared.
    I am considering buying some weld on skegs from Skeg Depot, but I am concerned a little about their casting...
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