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  • JohnWelds
    replied to sandblasting
    What's wrong with playsand??

    What's wrong with playsand? Is it hazaradous or too slow to use?

    I buy it because it is dirt cheap and super fine (different from masonary sand).

    I use it in an enclosed, filtered, cabinet. I've set the cabinet up for pressure...
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  • bye bye problems . . .

    Again, thanks for ALL the comments.

    Just a few responses;

    My nextGen helmet was brand new, just out of the box (didn't have time to drop it yet). So was the replacement lens they sent me. Both had the same problem. I'm really proud...
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  • are other helmets light in this way . . .

    I appreciate everyone's comments. I got the lens replaced and the same thing is happening. grrrr.

    When I look straight thru the center of my NexGen, I can see light coming thru the bottom corners at a much lighter shade. If I take...
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  • JohnWelds
    started a topic Light areas in Auto-dark helmet ?

    Light areas in Auto-dark helmet ?

    I wanted to see if any of you folks see light areas in your auto-darkening helmets.

    I have a new NexGen and its driving me nuts. No matter what the setting, for about 3/4" out from the corners, it appears to be no darker than the shade 9 setting, maybe even lighter. The manual says...
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