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  • mlub
    started a topic Pullup rig built last weekend

    Pullup rig built last weekend

    Built an outdoor pullup bar rig for a friend on Saturday.
    Stable enough for a 240lb person to swing around on
    Non-permanent(didnt want to set posts in concrete)
    8' tall bar

    Inspired by these rigs made by Rogue

    Below is what...
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  • mlub
    replied to Pullup bar welds failing
    Thanks everyone. I ended up adding 4" gussets the the pullup bars pictured above. There's another identical set which doesn't yet show any cracking. Plan to see how the gusseted side holds up and repeat on the other side if it needs it.
    I'm suspecting that the bars will need to be maintained...
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  • mlub
    started a topic Pullup bar welds failing

    Pullup bar welds failing

    Hello all, Michael from Austin, TX here. First post on the forum, looking forward to exploring the site. I have a question about some pullup bars. Some welds have cracked where the pullup bars attach to the square vertical supports. It doesn't look like the welder got very good penetration on these...
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