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  • noygdb
    started a topic Spoolmate 185 and Millermatic 135

    Spoolmate 185 and Millermatic 135

    Can I use a Spoolmate 185 spool gun coupled through the SGA-100 with my Millermatic 135?

    I have found an exellent close-out deal on a brand-new Spoolmate 185 ($170.00). Looking over the documents on the Miller web site, I can see no significant differences between the Spoolmate 185 and...
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  • noygdb
    started a topic Wire speed confusion...

    Wire speed confusion...

    I am test welding 1/8 and 3/16" steel (butt and filet weld practice...) using my new Millermatic 135, but I am running into problems.

    BTW - I am using .035 flux-core wire and no gas.

    I am trying to use the recommended settings on the cover of the 135, but when set...
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  • noygdb
    started a topic Spool guns???

    Spool guns???

    When I purchased my Millermatic 135, I assumed it was roughly equivalent to the Lincoln SP135 Plus. In reading the manual, however, I notice that where the Lincoln has an Aluminum wire feed kit, the Miller requires a spool gun. Is it possible to use a teflon or nylon wire sheath and push Aluminum through...
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  • noygdb
    replied to Welding reference books
    Thanks for the responses!

    I figured out that part of the problem was that I could not see the stick-out, but I didn't want to remove the nozzle end because, as you may remember when you all were beginners, we get a lot of spray and I did not want to gum-up the gun gas feed too bad. Instead,...
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  • noygdb
    started a topic Welding reference books

    Welding reference books


    I have recently purchased a Millermatic 135, only to discover that I don't weld so well.

    Can anyone recommend a reference book that will show weld beads, including good AND bad weld beads and their causes? I need to find out what I am doing wrong and to make better...
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