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  • rancidmilk
    started a topic plasma 625

    plasma 625

    i would like to know if this would work good with my plasma

    Internet ID 131013
    Brand Porter-Cable
    Manufacturer Porter-Cable
    Model # C3151
    Air Delivery 6.0 SCFM @ 90PSI
    Full Roll Cage Yes
    Included Accessories...
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  • rancidmilk
    replied to which tig machine
    go with the best you will save in the long run
    i bought the miller 180 for about 1700 bottle and all sold it for 1200 lost 500 bought the miller 250 for 3300 just sold it for 2600 lost 700 now i have the dynasty dx 300 i am still getting use to the machine so far i am very happy just dont do...
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  • dj1075
    i started with the miller 180 and then bought the miller 250 now i have the dynasty 300 i used it today for the first time and i am very impressed with it so far. if you don't have the cash for it i would hold buying anything else save your money until you could get the dynasty ...
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  • rancidmilk
    started a topic dynasty 300

    dynasty 300

    i have been reading here for some time i just bought a new dynasty 300 i have never used a inverter i hope to have good luck with this machine i see i have a lot of reading to do. this machine have more buttons then the NASA space shuttle
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