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  • Pitalplace
    started a topic Miller 130xp

    Miller 130xp

    I haven't posted for a long, long time but I have found a used 130xp at a sale. I thought about adding it to the shop so I don't have to change wire and liner on my 210. My questions, are parts still available and what would it be worth without testing? Farm sales around here are crazy so it maybe a...
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  • While I like .030" FC wire for most of what I do with these machines, .035" is a lot easier to find, and I've run a lot more of it for that reason. It does it! My dad still has my old Millermatic 130XP. I replaced the motor on it a decade ago.
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  • strodder
    started a topic Millermatic 130XP wire feed

    Millermatic 130XP wire feed

    I have this machine since new. I has worked fine till yesterday. Started welding, but it stopped after 3 sec. I pulled the cover off. When I pull the trigger the enclosed relay works. The big contacts work. The motor doesn't turn. I pulled the motor and checked it with 24V. It worked fine. I removed...
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  • jisco43
    started a topic Can't establish welding arc

    Can't establish welding arc

    I have a Millermatic 130XP Mig machine. Was welding fine 2 wks. ago but as of 3 days ago it will only spark when squeezing the trigger. It wont create a welding arc at any setting. I've checked all connections inside & out and everything looks fine. I live in S.E. Ohio and the repair shops that...
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  • NGP
    started a topic Bad capacitor?

    Bad capacitor?

    My Millermatic 130xp has developed a problem- If the welder has been sitting unused for a while, it will produce a couple of good welds & then quickly diminishes to a weak spark. If I leave the welder overnight- I'll get a stronger spark, & if I leave it for a couple of weeks- It will again...
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  • One1
    started a topic 110v mig choices

    110v mig choices

    I'm not into bells and whistles. I just want welders to be welders. I've seen the changes in drive roller angle, and some ipm differences (according to the manual the newer 110v are slower), and the automatic settings - which I personally think if you're buying a miller you should know how to run it....
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  • MAC702
    replied to 110v mig choices
    No reason to "upgrade" until the old one breaks and parts aren't available.

    HH135, Lincoln SP-125, and the old Millermatic 130XP are just some of the 120V machines that have been in my shop. I currently have the Lincoln on the truck for emergencies.
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  • If it's doing it when not feeding wire, it could be that the motor is finally shot. I've an ancient MM 130XP that I had to put a new motor in many years ago. IIRC, the gearbox is permanently attached to the motor and sold and installed as one piece.
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  • So, recently I went to use my 130XP welder and it started feeding the wire and then stopped feeding.
    I took off the cover and I checked the 5 amp fuse on the board, and it had blown. I replaced it with another 5 amp fuse. I also released the wire feed hold down device with the spring, just so...
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  • miller 130xp 023 wire in 030 liner should I expect good results?

    miller 130xp w/ 023 wire in 030 liner should I expect good results?
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  • My first welder, a couple questions


    I recently acquired my first welder, a Millermatic 130XP. I downloaded the owner's manual and read through all the parts, and am trying to replace all the little things that look worn. I think the gun I am using is a M-10. It looks like this-

    I got...
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  • For most of what this small machine does, not much, actually.

    I had one that did finally need to be replaced, in fact I think it was an old 130XP, and I used a steel hand clamp like this:

    Obviously, I removed the plastic on the tips. As it turned out, it was the best clamp...
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  • Maviday
    replied to Service / Technical Manuals?
    I need the TECH/SERVICE MANUAL for my Millermatic 130XP. In particular I'd love the circuit board diagram.
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  • rallykid
    started a topic Millermatic 130XP issue

    Millermatic 130XP issue

    Hey guys. I have a Millermatic 130XP and it has a problem that I hope someone here can diagnose for me. It occasionally welds well, and then sometimes will start to sputter. It does not have anything to do with overheating, because it will sometimes sputter off the bat after just being started. I...
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  • lwn9186
    started a topic 130XP Problem

    130XP Problem

    Just aquired a 130xp. The contactor is arcing big time when the handle is squeezed. The fan runs and all is fine until lI squeeze the trigger. Acts like a dead short. I ohmed wires 25 and 26 to the main transformer and get 2 ohms. Is the main transformer shorted? Thanks
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