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    Hey Mike,

    Yes, I could sell you a Miller RCH-14 pedal for $100 plus shipping. I wound up with 7 like this, and two of the kind you have, by accident. I tried to put a lowball bid of $250 in on an auction lot and somehow typed in $1, went for $1,205 because there were two expensive electrical etching machines in the pile I didn't even notice. Now I'm just trying to break happens.

    This is the last pedal like this I have left. It has a yellow cord for some reason, but the normal factory end. I think they may have had it set up as an extension that could be removed because there's a fitting in the middle. I ran it on my Sync 250DX and a Sync 250 that I just sold and it worked perfectly. It could use a good cleaning, but that's all it really needs.

    If you tell me your zip code I can figure out what it would cost to won't fit in a USPS large flat-rate box, and with their delays now I don't even like using them. Fedex Ground isn't usually too bad and a touch cheaper than UPS. I'm setup for PayPal and Zelle.

    If it's easier, my direct e-mail is [email protected] or if you want to give me a call tomorrow, my cell is 734-386-0130. I have a couple of online meetings tomorrow, but none should take long and I would be able to call back pretty quickly.


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  • Mikelodeon
    Zip code is 07052
    New Jersey.
    Could I see the 5 pin conector picture?
    I am looking for alternatives in eBay. Still waiting for details
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