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  • In your first pic, it looks like you have both the amperage and contactor controls set to "standard". To use a pedal, I think you want them set to "remote".

    600 bucks sounds like a good deal to me!
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  • I'm far from an expert, so please take with a large grain of salt.

    I have an airco 300, rebadged version of your 330A/BP.

    I have the HF in Start mode, with the rheostat set about in the middle. The fine amp control I usually leave set to about 1/4 to 1/3. I *think* that means...
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  • jrd-airco300
    replied to What am I doing wrong?
    Epilogue: I got a refill on the Argon tank. MUCH better!

    I did a few test welds on the same material I was using earlier. Smooth, easy, and better looking beads. I tried some of the scrap which was not real clean; did an intentionally mediocre job cleaning it, and tried some more. ...
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