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    Good Morning,
    I am curious are you a technician? I see you have helped people with troubleshooting etc.

    I have a XMT 350 CC/CV autoline i bought that knowing it was bad (maybe capacitor) and I was wondering if you have any experience on those, maybe even tech. manual?

  • Aeronca41
    I'm not at all familiar with that machine. I'm not a welder tech, just an old retired Systems Engineer who has fixed everything from cars, trucks, and tractors to multi-million dollar computer controlled installations over the past 55+ years. My dad was a welder, and I learned at about 8 or 9 years old, and have been trying to help people out using my electrical/electronics knowledge. Your best bet here is to open a new post with a title something like "XMT350 CC/CV-Won't Power On" or something similar. In other words, try to define the problem in a couple of words in the title so the guys who know that machine will chime in. Also, include your serial number so they can look up the correct diagrams. 1997CST or jjohn will be your best bet for help, and I'm sure they will jump on this as soon as you post it.
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