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  • Broke a crank huh? Since you had it apart did you OHM out the rotor? This machines (fixed now) had a harmonic balance that at a fixed weld temperature the crank and rotor would osculate at freq and snap the crank and rub the rotor. The rotor reads 3.2 and 30.2. That's where I'd start.
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  • 1997CST
    replied to Miller Trailblazer 250g woes
    19 is your positive wire and that has to be located on the middle slip ring. I'm looking at a tech manual and I cannot find which wire (17 or 18) is suppose to be closest to the armature or bearing. Normally there is a notation. I would start by putting 19 in the middle. I don't think you can do any...
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  • 1997CST
    replied to Millermatic 200 quit
    Could be an open thermostat, buttered up main contactor points, bad CR1 relay. First I'd make sure the thermostat is closed. Then take the small cover off the main contactor and look at the points. Check voltage at your process switch. Some times those points get bad after this long,
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