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  • The pie cut prototype exhaust pipes are for our first prototype robot. The pie cut pipes are very expensive. The production exhaust pipes are for the hundreds of robots that we build after the prototypes....
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  • For the prototype exhaust pipes I welded together store bought elbows that were mandrel bent. The reason that they had to be mandrel bent is that the tubing had a very thin wall (1/16") and the bends were too sharp for a conventional bender. For the production exhaust pipes we sent the mandrel...
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  • Picture 6 is a comparison of what I started with and what I ended with. Picture 7, 8 and 9 are some close ups of my welds.

    1. Before and After
    2. Pipe Splice Weld
    3. Flange Weld 1
    4. Flange weld 2

    The pie cut method is commonly used, for making tight bends for race and performance...
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  • Don52
    started a topic Pie-Cut Purge Exhaust for a Paint Robot

    Pie-Cut Purge Exhaust for a Paint Robot

    Paint robots require a purge switch connected to exhaust pipe to purge paint fumes from the robot so that the electric motors will not ignite the paint fumes. During the prototype phase to save time, we typically use the pie-cut method to construct the exhaust pipe. For the pie-cut method, we purchase...
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