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  • Which Torch ?

    I'm in the market for a TIG torch and I believe it will be either a WeldCraft or CK. I have a CyberTIG that goes up to 400 amps, tho I doubt I'll run it that high. And if I do, it probably would not be for any length of time. I also don't plan to do any type of production runs.

    That being said, What are your thoughts on air cooled vs water cooled torches.

    Also, which ever torch I get, is there any length of time I can weld without running any coolant thru it ? I've gotten the idea that some people are not cooling their torches at all for short welds.


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    Water cooled torches are usually lighter and smaller, so they are easier to handle in some cases, also they tend not to cramp up your hand as often. Air cooled torches can come with flex heads, which are a great asset once you are used to them. Both WeldCraft and CK are good brands, I guess the main factor in determining which torch would be the primary use of it. Air cooled torches can overheat if you weld a lot of aluminum or are constantly into the higher amp ranges, where as they work pretty good for lower amp stuff like stainless and tubing. Personally I would go with a 250 or 300 amp watercooled if you can afford it, then all the bases are covered, and you wont be sorry down the road for not getting one.

    As far as not running coolant, I don't know of anyone who has gotten away with it, I certainly wouldn't do it on purpose, though I have cooked a couple of torches in my time, and it doesn't take very long before the power cable burns right through the water line. When I first started welding at Rocky Mountain Bicycles, I didn't realize the coolers got shut off at lunch time because they made too much noise. I picked up the torch after lunch, did about 30 seconds of welding at 140 amps AC, realized the cooler was off, reached over and turned it on, and I suffered small first degree burns to my wrist when the cooler line blew from the pressure at the torch handle.
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