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150,000Lb flat deck trailer float style

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  • 150,000Lb flat deck trailer float style

    Anyone know where i can get semi trailer wheel and tire assembleys?,, I have a customer asking if i can build him a 150,000 LB flat deck trailer with lunette rung. I need to find a price on wheels first tho before i can give him a price. I think i will need dualys and 3 axles. I can get all the axles and brake parts jus i havent found a source for wheels and tires.
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    salvage yards

    Have you tried salvage yards? In my area there are two different yards that specialize in semis and trailers. If you dont have that do you have a CATCO parts warehouse in your area.


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      This is a URL to a guy who sells " retired shipping containers ".

      He may be able to direct you to a source for trailers.

      Here is a phone number from another post selling containers, it may be the same guy as above.

      Please call 1-866-759-4515 for more information.....
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