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  • Underwater welding

    Hey guys I'm just wondering about underwater welding. How dangerous is the work I was looking on a website it said most uderwater welders get paid 118 an hour and almost 30 and hour for traveling to the site. Is this just danger pay? What are most things an underwater welder would be working on? I was thinking just ships and fixing oil rigs but do they build things like underwater pipelines? My friend is interested in going into it but I have herd from a few people that its really bad on your body why is this?
    Thanks for reading I hope my post helped


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    i cant actuly remember what about it was so bad ..but the changeing pressures arn't good all the time. I herd you can only do it for about 6 years or somthing. I am pretty shure you need a divers ticket and a welders ticket .. than a wet ticket (underwater).. i'm not compleatly shure. from what i hear underwater welding is mostly for repairs.
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      underwater welding

      Having spent almost 20+ years as a diver/welder I can tell you that the average diver does not get paid $112.00 an hour . That may be what the boss charges out for you but in most cases you will be lucky to see 30-50 an hour, 50 being the high end of the scale Unless you go into saturation diving then the price goes up,Having never had the desire to spend weeks inside a shoe box that is something I never pursued and they as a rule don't do alot of welding , most welding and burning operations are in ship maintenance and marine construction. $30.00 an hour travel time dream on.on a good day you may see 20 but in reality it is most likely 15. Diving is in most cases not about the money it is a life style and a passion, so unless you enjoy working away from home for long hours and what always seems like low pay save your money.There are a 100 of guys out there willing to do it for next to nothing just so they can tell the the girls their a deep sea diver. If it is something Buddy can't stop thinking about then I would suggest that he complete his welding certifications prior to dive school so that aleast he can support himself while he waits for his chance to break-in to the industry. With a welding ticket he will stand a better chance then the average bubble blower that spends most of his carreer as a glorified labourer. Also keep in mind that diving is only a means to get you to the job site. If you have no skills once you get there you are not that employable. To make a long story short, think long and hard before you spend the $20,000.00 to go to dive school.


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        under water welding

        I would listen to the advice of makeithot as he has definitely laid the cards on the table and if anyone is an authority on the subject he seems to be one. I have a friend who has done this and he gave it up because of the hours and in his terms low pay. Good luck to your buddy.