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tri mix tungsten

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  • tri mix tungsten

    Ive been using this for about a year with my dynasty welders

    1 a pointed tungsten is needed for the dynasty to work properly
    2 thoriated was the only thing that i could get to work effectively but doesnt hold up well on AC (nodules)
    3 thoriated is radio active
    4 sick of re grinding my tungsten constantly
    5 ceriated balled up and wouldnt establish an arc

    so I was looking for a better option and stumbled onto this stuff through one of my suppliers

    the package doesnt say who makes it or what alloys are in it


    It is about double the price
    but I dont dip it much so the price isnt a big problem
    Ill pay extra to keep the ability to father children

    but any way im pretty happy with the performance
    it takes AC current without developing nodules like thoriated
    it holds a point on AC as well as anything else or better

    I would recommend anyone to give it a try
    past welding instructor
    business owner

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    Tri- mix is supposed to be good but I use 2%ceriated for everything, another friend of mine has the same machine and swears by 2%Lanthanated. Honestly if the cost doesn't hurt your feelings then go for it. I buy my 2% ceriated from Diamond Ground Products they have a website and terrific tele sales people.

    I go for simplicity, the tungsten in my shop is all the same so its easy to keep track of what I am using.

    Also the ceriated isn't radioactive.



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      I had a problem with keeping a point with ceriated

      the dynasty will not start the arc very well without a good point

      I guess if you dip your tungsten a lot and have to re sharpen a lot then , no problem
      past welding instructor
      business owner


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        Bus Dev Mgr

        One of the suppliers of Tri -mix tungsten is Diamond Ground Products. On the web you can find them at
        If you want to read a very detailed and informative article about tungsten read their article titled "The proper selection and preparation of tungsten electrodes for arc welding". It contains 14 pages of valuable information !

        It is important to understand how the current transfers from the tungsten to the workpiece because there are situations where the arc won't start.
        How the tungsten is manufactured, and what doping materials are used in this process makes alot of difference in how the arc starts or re-starts.
        Happy reading