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    I think that will be my next project (building an oven), in the mean time I'm trying to get any and all info about the whole powder coating and plating processes available. That's another problem nobody does any kind of plating around here either, closest place I know of is about an hour or so away from me. Who knows what will happen but I hope one will enhance the other (welding vs. powder coating) Dave
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      re: Plating

      there is a good machine shop over here and he sends ALL his parts to the mainland for plating. Only 1 plating shop here in Hawaii, and I've heard nothing but bad news from them. Besides his machine parts for work, the owner is also a big bike fan. Redos old motorcycles and sends stuff to be plated to the mainland...Far as Powder Coating, yeah, hope you do it. Far as plating, yeesh...VERY toxic!!! Saw somewhere, (probably on the internet or on Discovery Channel) they show you how to plate using 50 gal drums. Lots of bad chemicals....

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        I seen someone was questioning the durability of powder coat, I work for a factory where we manufacture the tail fins for various bombs that are used by the navy and air force. We also do our painting and powder coat is required because of its durability. we have to test a set number of parts in a heated salt water tank because of the abuse and the rough enviroment these thing will be stored in. in the 11 years I have been with the company
        we have never had a problem with the paint holding up. I would say if done properly it is the most durable paint you could use.


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          I wasn't questioning the durability it's the process itself. When i make projects from many scrolls welded together as in the pic below

          they will rust where the scrolls are welded and the powder can't flow back between the curved metal making it rust soon after setting it outside. I tried 3 different pc vendors and they were all the same. One guy said he could do a better job if i paid him more but the job wasn't any better, still rust. I know all about the coating since i worked in a sheetmetal shop building the ovens and i was a millright on an automatic spray line that was all electrostatic sprayed but no one can get back in between the curves....Bob
          Bob Wright


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            I see what you are talking about getting the paint in the scrolls, If you could find someone in you're area that powder coats in an assembly line fashion they usuall run the parts through tanks that wash dry and coat with rust preventitive which is thin enough to get in those tight places then even if paint dosent get in there it wont rust. nice work too by the way


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              Thanks IronMan, All 3 places use the pickling tanks but it just seems like the white ones attract the rust or it just shows better. I just tell everyone to keep them inside....Bob
              Bob Wright