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Any tips on bending without a bender?

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  • Any tips on bending without a bender?

    I'm wondering if it is possible to bend 1" square tubing without a tube bender or touches. I can get access to tourches but would rather not have to. I was thinking of cutting little slices in the square tubing and thinking it would bend to the correct angle I need it too. Has anyone ever attempted this? will it even work? I dont nessicarliy need the tubing bent I could cut it on angles but I thought if I could bend it, it would look alot better. It's going to be a stand to hold the drive off of my boat when I take it off for the winter, and the square tubing is 1/8" thick?

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    bending tubing

    I can't think of any way that you can bend the tubing without having to modify it. I've bent a lot of tubing, but I either cut little notches out so it could bend and welded it back together after bending. Even when using a bender, you need to have modified your bender if it is not made for tubing. It will swell out on the sides and crimp terrible on the inside of the bend. I have used a pipe bender on 1" tubing, but we welded a 1/2" piece of round stock on the inside radius lengthwise to press in on the tubing and allow it to bend without crimping.
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      Or you can use a ready made elbow like quickfab elbows. here is a picture of a display stand we made with them and powdercoated.
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