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Brass to mild steel.

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  • Brass to mild steel.

    I'm trying to braze 360brass to mild steel. To be more precise, I'm trying to braze it on top on jack stands to keep material from scarring when spinning it on a cnc. Any suggestions?

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    You could try 'tinning or buttering' the steel surface by braze welding it first, then braze weld the brass on top of the tinned surface. This method has worked in the past for me, however I am not familar with the grade of brass you are using and how well it welds with brazing rod.

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      I didn't think about doing that. Thanks for the info.


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        Just to ask a clarification question....are you trying to use the jack stand as a steady rest of sorts? I'm guessing that it would be a situation where it's a long piece of stock running through a through-hole in the spindle and needing support outboard of the lathe? Would it be possible to just attach a true rolling surface to the top of the stands (maybe even a old steady rest, or even two roller bearings spaced to create a "V" that the stock would sit in) and let it free wheel? Just some thoughts....SSS
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          Well honestly, it was more of a challenge. I've never done it before and I wanted to see if the outcome would be less expensive. And it is for a steady rest to turn 20 foot barrels out of the spindle.