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Are there Electrodes for Welding Bronze?

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    Bronze brazing electrodes are abundantly available

    Originally posted by View Post
    I am going to correct you and I hope you don't take it wrong.<br>
    Soldering is any thing up to 800F (or some thing like that)<br>
    Brazing as anything over 800F to 1200F (?) <br>
    Welding is over 1300F<br>
    It has nothing to do with the filler type as I can weld a36 steel with 309 stainless filler <br>
    and a flux coated bronze rod and a torch sounds like brazing to me<br>
    <br><br>IO have just begun to look for bronze brazing/welding rods on the internet. &nbsp;There are many. &nbsp;I will list only one here because it is near local to me and I have the toll free number (1-800-533-3177), Alcam Inc. Charleston, South Carolina. &nbsp;They list 4 different rods with their technical/use description. &nbsp;Hope this helps.


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      That Storts history sounds very interesting.

      How large are their books and what do they cover?


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        Originally posted by 1930case View Post
        That Storts history sounds very interesting.

        How large are their books and what do they cover?
        Same here. Ive allways said you learn something new everyday. I didn't know they welded lead.

        Time for a new thread on the subject with more pictures and descriptions what some of those items are used for.

        Thanks storts.
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          I used some electrodes to weld bronze many years ago, say back in the mid to late 70's. I don't remember who manufactured them or any info on the electrodes. What I do remember and remember it very well was the smoke coming off them contained cyanide which can be veary deadly. Make sure you have a well ventilated area or a good fume extractor!
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