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    Hi Folks. I just signed up and thought I'd say hello. I'm in Guelph, Ontario Canada. I'm a project co-ordinator (Ex-fabber) for a fab shop. I love Miller gear above all others, but don't have enough of it at home yet. I have to say its my first choice gear at work though.

    Cheers, C2F

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    welcome aboard we really need more active members on this forum


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      Thanks, I'll see what I can do.


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        At least I am not the only new guy. This seems to be a great way of sharing ideas. Welcome.

        Chris Snyder
        New Braunfels Texas
        Chris Snyder


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          I'm new too!

          HI, Boys I'm a new guy too..I've been reading the forum for a few months now but just recently joined up.I think there is a lot of guys in here that know their stuff..I've been doing some kind of welding cutting fabing etc. since the late 60's but just recently bought a MIG for my home shop i was stuck with a stick till recently but still use the stick some because it seems to me you still need a stick for some things.
          I've been wondering how some of you guys have been attaching a signature type thing when you end the message stating what all equipment you own etc.?
          Thanks, Farris
          Gone But Never Forgotten!


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            "stuck with a stick" no pun intended I'm sure


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              Greetings: I am new to this web too. I am a hobby welder and would like to try my hand at TIG welding. I am looking for a used machine but they seem to be hard to come by. Any help or leads will be appreciated. Thanks.