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Dedicated wheels fror grinding electrodes

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  • Dedicated wheels fror grinding electrodes

    How important is it to use the grinding wheel for tungsten only ?

    I am using the wheel for drill bits also.
    Am not preasure welding pipe, only playing around with home projects , so losing a percent or two of strength is not a big deal.

    Also the owners manual suggests diamond wheels, the cheap aluminum oxide wheel seams to work fine. Is this a bad idea ?

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    dedicated wheel

    It is very critical when you are doing code welding, but if you are like me, i do minor aluminum repair, boats etc.,thin sheet metal and such you should be fine. I bought me a small cheap bench grinder and it is only used specifically for grinding electrodes,the tungsten grinders are very expensive . Although it mite not be a good practice but it works for me!
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      shade tree welder is right you must use one wheel of your tungsten and use it for that purpose only. cuts down on many arc stating and weld bead problems.
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        Sounds crazy, but a flap wheel or a sanding disk makes a pretty good sharpener on a disc grinder. and you can dedicate it to just that. Hopes this helps, Paul
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          Grinding Tungsten

          Take the advice of the pros - dedicate a griding wheel to your tungsten. I went to Harbor Freight and bought a $19.95 grinder for that purpose. If I ever get to the point of second guessing experienced welders - I follow their suggestions.