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  • meet my miller family

    these are some pics of my equipment. when my taxs come back i will be adding a suitcase either a 8vs or 12vs.i know i dont have the nice trailblazer but i opted 2 buy the bob and my synco 200 at the same time . witch suitcase would u guys go with and what gun. i want 2 do solid and flux.the last pic is a 1984 250r do u guys remember those bad boys.
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    Get the 12vs. Almost every wire is available on a 12" spool, not all come in 8" also. You can still run 8" in a 12vs if needed to keep the weight down, or if you don't want to overbuy something expensive (SS).


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      That 250r is badass!

      Wish they never stopped making them!


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        250 doesnt give me enough oomph. i reccomend 12vs with 1/16 or bigger wire. excellent machine hooked to trailblazer 302. i used bobcat 250 on job and was not impressed with it unless im repairing silverware at a chinese restaurant. just my .02