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    Table Top adjustment

    I really like the design you have for the table. Hope you don't mind if I copy parts of it.

    I was looking at the table top adjustment method and was thinking that if you used an all thread, fine thread bolt with a nut above and below the bushing that it would allow you to adjust the top and lock down the bolts. Thoughts?
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      Have you built ANYTHING with mistakes in it? Could you post some pics for us so we would feel better? YEESH!!! Started late in welding....hope to get as good as you when I'm 85
      I'm not late...
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        Looking to build

        Hi i am new to this site so i hope i'm doing this right. I have been looking at a lot of benches so far your design i like the most, i was wondering if you could send me the plans on how to build it. I do not no how to give you my email without giving it over this post. So if you have a idea on that i would be very grateful. Thank you for the good ideas.


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          KB great table. and we all know that the red thing was what you used to have the plate on befor making the 2x2
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            hey KB how heavy of stuff do you weld? the 1/2 plate
            table i used at work the edges warped pretty fast doing 3/8 plate welding. and just being able to clamp the edges didn't help.
            TB 325
            TB 302
            dynasty 200sd
            spoolmatic 30a/wc24
            suitcase x-treme 12vs
            miller 211
            evolution rage 2


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              A master craftsman indeed! Thanks for the link to the supplier for leveling feet! I have a radically sloped floor and plan on building a similar table, however I will need to be able to level it from the floor to match my other make-up tables. I was going to make the leveling feet but now I can perhaps just buy the things and get r done much quicker!

              Thanks again for the photo's as well,

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                Especially appreciated is the well-thought-out design. I'm sure you've have had a great deal of experience to anticipate the various issues such as leveling the top over time. I'd like to hear how you eventually resolve these questions. Please revive this post when you do.
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                  looks great as always Kevin
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                  If it's worth having, it's worth working for


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                    Great job and very well thought out. I would not expect any less from you...

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                      Kevin, good work, as usual. Now about that Foster's can.


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                        Nice Job

                        Looks like a very well made table.


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                          Originally posted by KB Fabrications View Post
                          The next pic is the intersteing part of the table design. I strategically placed 16 bushings in the top stringer section of the frame. They will each hold a 5/8" coarse thread bolt that has had the head machined flat. They will all be placed at the same height and then the top will be tacked to each one on two of the opposing hex flats. The idea was that I should be able to get a pretty flat top this way, especially since my plate is cupped approximately 3/16" to 1/4".

                          Have you considered torch straightening the top before welding it to the leveling jacks?

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                            THE ACORN PLATEN in the first pic. this table is THE table. although, the one kb built is also nice.


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                              New developments


                              Have you made any changes now that time has passed?

                              And where did you get the wheels?




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                                Originally posted by Blondie_486 View Post
                                Great job on the welding table. You should get quite a few years of service out of it. I think it's great you posted the pics, I'm sure the younger guys will really appreciate the ideas for when they go to make their own tables.

                                And some of us older guys.
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