I am in the process of assembling the Portable Weld Table from the project section of the Miller site and have a couple of questions:

1. when the legs are assembled to the 14 in joists and the legs are fully extended, the top of the joists are at a severe angle. That is, if I continue and mount the table top to the joists, the table surface will be slanted.

2. also when I fold the legs, I expected the table to fold up fairly thin (like a TV tray) so that it could easily be stored against the wall but it does not fold thin.

Has anyone had these problems with this table?

I checked the plans again and discovered that the material list specified one of the leg braces as 14.5 in but the actual assembly text referred to 16 in braces. When I stood the legs up and leveled the joist, it appears that the brace needs to be 16 in. So I believe this answers my question 1. As for #2, I don't know if the new longer braces will make a difference in the folded table thickness. Anyway, if anyone has a comment on this project table I would appreciate it.