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question about tig flowmeter

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  • question about tig flowmeter

    I just recieved my tig torch and flowmeter (regulator style) today for a miller maxstar 150sth and after hooking it up i set it to 25 cfh it will actualy run about 20cfh but it jumps between @16-20 cfh is this normal? If not is it the flowmeter or could it be the machine scence it has a built in gas valve, not sure but thought i should ask. Thank You.

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    All yeah almost forgot I took my aws d1.1 test on thursday on 1" in the 3g and i passed, what a load of my chest. hopefully i can do the same on the 4g test.


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      Basig diagnosis.

      Disconnect the hose from the 150 and set the flow you want. The flow rate should be constant. Then reconnect the machine and start the flow. If the rate is no longer consistent, it must be the 150 that is fluctuating the flow.

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