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  • wiring question

    I bought myself a new toy today, miller xmt 304 to replace a lightning struck thunderbolt. Question, can I wire the xmt 304 through a plug and use outlets at the places I want to use the welder or will I have to hard wire it to a fuse box at each location?

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    You can put a plug on the machine and have as many recepticles as your local codes allow. Running a sub panel for the welding machine with its own breaker allows you to branch off the panel and set up recepitcles where ever you want. This works well in larger shops and garages. For smaller work spaces, you may consider one recepticle and an extension cord for the machine.

    Out of curiosity, was the Thunderbolt really hit by lightning?

    Dynasty 300DX
    Esab PCM 1000


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      Sure was, fried one side of it. It was near a door in my shop, unplugged, when it got hit, along with a few more things.


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        thunderbolt struck by lightening (a-na-ga-li in cherokee), kind of ironic huh? sorry to hear about that. if you got a small space, i would hard wire it. the more splices or connectors you have in the line the more problems you will have. nothing serious, you will just loose a little bit of conductivity.


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          I have a couple of out lets and I dont have any problems I also have an
          extionsion cord as well so really I think it's all up to you .I didn't hard wire because a friend of mine has a 240 outlet and sometimes I take my 251 over there and drop it off for him.