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Need plans for a MC trailer

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  • Need plans for a MC trailer

    Hello, I am fairly new to welding. I have a Hobart Handler 187 MIG. I am planning to build a motorcycle trailer soon and have found some plans online for sale. Unfortunately they are not quite what I want. I want to use square tube instead of C channel and torsion suspension instead of springs. All of the plans I have seen online use springs and C channel. Anyone know where I can get some good plans for a 1-2 bike trailer? 2000# axles? Thanks.
    Hobart Handler 187 MIG

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    i can get you some ,.. i need to fax tho cz there on paper.. all the mc trailers i've built are out of 2x2 1/8 wall square tube (it is very easy to work with it) , i only use the 1/8 wall up to 3600lbs and 8feet long tho any bigger i go to rectangle 3/16 wall or c channel. There is a very easy way to use the channel without notching , i can fax u both plans of the ones i manufacture.
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      Trailer Plans

      I am currently in the process of rebuilding a utility trailer to carry my gold dredge and I also wanna use square tubing and a torsion axle. Could you possible fax your drawings you have for your motorcycle trailer. This will be a 7'X40" trailer on a 1000' axle. I might be able to use the framework from your plans to get a head start on the redesign. Thanks Chris


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        I build all my utility, snowmobile, motorycle and ATV trailers out of tubing. I use rectangle tubing, size and wall thickness varying to weight and load.

        Question ? Do they make a torsion suspension light enough for a single motorcycle. I havn't looked very hard but the local stores in my area can only get torsion suspensions rate for more load the I want on some trialers. I end up going to springs for light trailers for trailer ride on min loads. If you load is going to be only 1000lbs give or take alittle, Keep trailer ride in mind as to stiff a suspension can be hard on the vehicle towing the trailer and the load on it.

        Just some thoughts.
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          PM sent. Thank you for that offer.
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            Dexter makes torsion axles as light as 600#. I checked out some of the high end trailers out there and they all use torsion susp. Even 7000# horse trailers! I appreciate the help and am waiting near my fax machine for those plans! Thanks again in advance!
            Hobart Handler 187 MIG


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              I like They have a MC trailer plan available and their plans are really easy to follow on big 24x36 pages. Engineer approved plans and they sell all the parts if you want. Good luck!
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