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I am wanting to learn to weld and have a few questions

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  • I am wanting to learn to weld and have a few questions

    I was going to pick this welder up and was wondering if its an ok deal or should I just get a new one.

    This guy wants 100 for welder and 25 for regulator for tank.

    Do you think its worth it. I have never welded anything and was wondering if this would be ok to start with. If not can you direct me to one that would be a good one to start of with. I am a carpenter so welding is all new to me.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated?

    Thank you in advance!
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    It depends on if wirefeed is what you want. Id go for it but If i were youy id test it out first or get someone you know who knows about welding to go with you to see if its actually worth buying or if its just going to break down. But if it was me I would probly go for it.
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      ask someone you know that can weld to try it out (I would buy it if i know how it welded

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        Ya I would but I dont know any welders.

        But as long as you think its an ok deal if it works right. What would that be capable of welding if it does work. can you tell me what kind of projects that would handle?

        I dont really know anything about it. Like I said I am a carpenter. So this is all really new to me. I am thinking maybe I should go take a welding fundamentals class maybe at the local community college.

        do you think it would be better for me to just get something like this

        or this

        or is there one out there that is a bit better that has more capability for not much more.

        Thanks a million!!!
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          wireburner what I mean is if you havent welded before and you want to buy a second hand welder if you have any friends that know how to weld to go with you to see how good it worked it would be better instead of him buying it and finding out 2 months from now goes on it you should have just went out and looked into a brand new one.

          Pmac the tihng I was told and follow "you get what you pay for".
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            Roger that! I go by the you get what you pay for rule myself. I would just hate to get stuck with a big expensive welder with like one weld on it and then trying to get half my money back on craigslist.

            I will get a new one. Is there one you would recommend that is not that expensive. Reason I say that is becuase i never welded before this phase might pass and I never even get to weld. But right now I am really interested in learning.

            So is there a new one you would recommend between say $300-$500. Thing is too i can chage it at homedepot or lowes and make payments.

            Thanks again!


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              Ummmm, Lincoln Electric AC 225 Stick Welder I'd say stick welding is the best to start with.
              To me that mig welder look kind of cheap but im sure it would be good as well but still id go with stick.
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                Small "MIG" Welder good for 1/8" to 3/16"

                That little mig welder would be ok if you're planning on welding thin metal. If it still works properly. In my opinion I wouldn't buy it if you can't go with an experienced welder to test the machine. I bought my best friends Dad a the small lincoln wirefeeder and it worked ok, but like I said they are only good for thinner material. Welding 1/4" is a stretch for those little feeders. If you use fluxcore wire they will do a little thicker than S6 or solid wire. I personally wouldn't recommend this small of machine. Also I would recommend "wire feed" welding for a beginner. No offense, but anyone can learn to wire feed weld. It's easy to learn and a low startup cost. If you could invest in a "Millermatic 140" I would recommend it. Spending $150-200 more you will get a much better welding machine. Be aware that "Miller" always under-rates there welders. They say this will weld 3/16" when I bet it will weld 1/4" just fine.

                $639 US not bad

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                Hope this helps,

                Steve Senger


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                  pmac, I don't know how far away that welder is from you, its an hour from me so you can't be too far away from me. Anytime you want to learn on my stuff give me a yell, but please wait until it gets a little warmer ....Bob
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                    welding school

                    Is welding classes at the local college out of the question? It's sure nice to use the equipment and guage what the school has compared to what you can get in the marketplace. I shudder to think what I would have bought 2 years ago when I didn't know squat about anything. Plus, you can use the school facilities for building stuff and have a source for scraps and ideas.
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                      pmac welder

                      pmac hi from pat in texas
                      if you have never listen to anyone else in your life do it now!
                      if you have a community college with a welding course in your area pay the small $ and go/ you will learn to weld the right SAFE way /but untill you decide just go by the school to visit and tell the instructor what you want to do and get to see what they do/ the tour is free and it might suprise you how down to earth and helpfull they are/i bought my first welder at 14 and have been in the fab business since/ i sold the business a few years ago and we moved to the lake/fyi i spent a few years trying to learn wood working to restore this **** house and boy did i buy the wrong equip. a few times/finally got the house done / got bored and enrolled in a welding class/been there 3 yrs, now (1 class twice a week) and learn something every day/bought a couple of welders and am back in the fab business again
                      after 22 years and loving every min./good luck a 60 year old student
                      p.s. i still have trouble with crown molding