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  • AC/DC Question

    Hmmm.... still waiting on parts for my Thunderbolt to come in. Hopefully today is the day- I'm gettin' pretty antsy.

    Until then I've got another question for ya! Weeding through the threads I've noticed that whether it straight or reverse most with the capability seem to prefer using DC current. Are there specific places where AC is better? If I went to using DC (if my parts ever arrive! lol) would I ever need to switch the dial back over or just happily never look back??


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    I am one of the least qualified to answer based on my personal limited experience, but from what I have read most say to put it on DC for good, except if you want to use true 7018AC rods.
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      Make it permanent......

      Slap that bad boy on DC,

      Rip off the knob,

      And......Never look back.

      Seriously, I never use AC for anything and don't plan to. I keep three rods on my truck: 6010 5P+, 7018 and 6011 and run all three on DC. The 5P+ and LoHy on DCEN and 6011 DCEN for carbon steel and DCEP for galvanized.

      Good luck.

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        You should try AC once to see what it is like. then leave it on DC.


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          AC is good for countering an arcblow problem, which can happen with certain scrap or magnetic metals, joint designs, and work clamp locations. But it'll still be rarely used.


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            ac is good when you are tig welding thin stainless or thin copper alloys.


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              AC has more deposition, less penetration than DCRP, and looses less voltage on long lead lengths, it is also more dangerous, it takes a lot less AC to stop a heart, especially around wet areas. It can also have more splatter and needs special rods to run properly as the arc extinguishes everytime it goes between + & -. The rod covering helps keep the arc going by the gases it puts out. Hope this helps ya, Paul
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