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Anyone Use A Hand Beveller?

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  • Anyone Use A Hand Beveller?

    I'm glad I bumped into this site. Needless to say, first time poster.

    I was flipping through this month's AWS Journal and saw an ad for a hand held plate beveller. The tool looks pretty neat--sure beats using a grinder. I was wondering if anyone has experience using one of these tools and if so any recommendations on a good brand/mfc.


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    I've used one a couple of years ago. Didn't really care much for it. This one used a carbide burr for a cutting edge and lacked any real cutting power. It took multiple passes to get a good bevel. I'll stick with my grinder.


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      I have used a hand held beveler a lot. It has four carbide tips. They can break easy if you do not keep pressure on it. If you are looking to bevel a piece for welding a grinder does good. I used it for beveling bit holders for loader buckets. It has capable of an 1 1/2 bevel.
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        never used one. a grinder and torch have taken me a long way.


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          If your beveling plate, Bug-O is the way to go. If pipe, then a rotary beveler. Although, one cannot replace the value of the ability to get a good bevel by hand with a torch and a little clean up with a grinder.
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            Off topic but I can't help it...I've never seen a poster with "guest status" does that happen??

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              When you aren't registered on this site?
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                They work great. They can definitely pay for themselves quickly. Nice for weld prep( 40' of 1" material needing to be CJP welded, or for lots of small parts ) just make sure you clean off the oil prior to welding
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