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Where are you going to Retire to ?

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  • Where are you going to Retire to ?

    The wife and I were wondering after all the money that us welders are making and going to make where are you thinking of retireing to?

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    Rocky mountains .... preferably with a lake big enuff to support my "need" to tigweld aluminum I can support my "other needs"
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      My wife and myself will be settling down on a nice 10 acre lot just outside of Bridgewater Nova Scotia. It's just a walk away from a lake full of trout, and garanteed to be surrounded by forest, no neighbors. We already have a lead on the land, and life costs cheap on the other side

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        My first post, just wanted to say hi ya'll. I am a HVAC fabricator/ welder in Las Vegas, NV.

        I'm planning to retire to Huntsville, Texas. I have 10 acres there waiting for me.

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          I have retired to be a welder of sorts, mainly in the artistic ways. I have a home in southern Quebec near the New York border and then a home in Eastern Ohio near Wheeling WV.

          I should have a bought a condo in Florida 20 years ago, but hey who knew what retirement would bring.

          But it's nice getting up at 10 am, stopping my work to chew the fat with people. To go to town and have a good old time at the mom and pops hardware store.

          But I do work a lot of hours depending on the weather and what people want. I was thinking about some gates for my driveway entrance.

          Right now I need to think about some ornate iron for a ladies windows. She wants some hard security on her house. But it's snowing and I want to get ready for Battlestar Galactric tonight, so I will clean the house, take the garbage out, check the mouse traps and what ever else I have to do today.




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            I am planning on Retiring to Texas and doing small weld jobs in my shop. Never going to fully retire.


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              Already retired!

              Moved here in '74, retired here in '02, probably have my ashes scattered here. Although, if I could take my shop with me, and I could take the altitude, the Rocky Mountains are awfully attractive.
              Tom Veatch
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                i'm not gunna retire.. i would get bored , i think i will jus work less. It would be cool to settle down in port alberini at Sprout lake.. the most beutiful place in the world.
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                  strangly enough i just moved from AZ to NY to retire of sorts. AZ is nice for working year round if you work out side but its got no change of season. i realy like the snow, its kinda like starting a new year, new grass , new flowers, new leaves, just some thing to be said to mother nature at her best. there are some bad days too but all in all i like the changes seasons bring.
                  i also chose to bring up my kids out in the contry with the cow's. lil boys tend to need some space to hit stuff with sticks and clim trees , throw rocks. try that in the city and they end up with a police record befor there 10 been there done that.
                  thanks for the help
                  hope i helped
                  feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
                  summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.