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Oxy acet rig recommendations ?

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  • Oxy acet rig recommendations ?

    I took an oxy acetylene course and am now ready to buy a setup. There are alot of choices to get the basic regulators, torch handle, and cutting attachment. I'd like your suggestions. I will be doing fabs and mods for farm implements but on a hobby farm basis. I will be mostly cutting 3/8 plate and holes, bending stock, preheating etc. the usual, but probably welding with a stick welder (e.g. no gas welding)

    Basic choices seem to be in order of expense:
    1) A "Victor-compatible" set from Tractor Supply, etc. for $50 - $100
    2) Piecing together genuine used or new Victor pieces like a 315FC handle and CA 2460 cutting attachment, or a 100FC handle and a CA1350 cutting attachment, etc.
    3) A genuine Victor set which appears to run about $250-$290.

    My concerns:

    I do not want to get a handle which is undersized or oversized or is hard to get replacement parts for, or incompatible with other things like getting a butane cutting tip, e.g. I want the various tips, etc. to be easy to find.

    With option 2), there is a bewildering number of models of Victor handles, etc. If I piece the parts together, I want to make sure they are compatible. Is this simpler than I think ? In other words are there only a few basic handles to consider (315 or 100) and its easy to tell what goes with them (2460 cutter assembly for 315 torch or 1350 cutter assembly for 100 torch) ?

    I also understand the safety issues (from my course) and don't want cheap crap that may leak, etc. On this issue, even though not "Victor", and given I am not a pro but a farm hobby welder, are the "Victor-compatible" sets just junk or just missing the "Victor" name ?

    Is it simplest just to spring for a genuine Victor set ? Or Harris or Smith ? Any specific model numbers ?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Have always been a fan of "Victor" equipment. Bought a medium duty (Super Range) set in 1981 for $416 Canadian, which came with three tips, a rosebud heating tip and a cutting head, plus the regulators etc. The only thing I have added is a "000" tip for welding/brazing sheet metal.

    You can see it all here:

    2-12-2008 edit: link updated
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      o/a outfits

      I personally am a victor fan I have 2 journeyman sets, but about 6 months ago I bought a harris set just for work around the shop and for the money don't think youll find anything better just today I cut 10 rock trencher blocks off to be replaced thier a little over 2" thick thought Id have to get a torch off the rig but the little harris did a fine job only thing I di have to go from an 0 tip to a 1 tip. check them out thier a gtret bang for the buck.


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        i personally like victor for the simple reason that the oxygen knob is on the side. smith torches have them on the bottom and i have ben known to turn it unwillingly while steadying the torch. i do like the fact that you can use the head of the smith torch to knock out the center of circles and such.
        if one of your concerns is finding replacement parts, buy well known brands instead of knock offs.
        correct me if i'm wrong but, i think smith has a lifetime warranty.


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          Whatever brand you go with it should last several lifetimes as long as it's not abused. You might have a little harder time finding accessories/tips etc for the Smith versus the Victor or Harris. As far as torch size, I recommend something in the range of the Victor 100. Not sure if there is any reason for something bigger unless you are working in something like an auto/junk yard doing major cutting/heating. Even the small aircraft torches will do most anything and are such a pleasure to work with especially when brazing.


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            re: victor compatible

            that means its chinese, not victor, and most of the victor stuff now is chinese, look on the label, if you want quality to last, smith, oxweld,purox, a torch or tip should last you unless you abuse it, we sell a smith outfit with a rosebud, welding tip, and all the things but tank, for around 220.00 3 yr warranty on this medium duty torch outfit, perfect for the average guy or shop, or the lifetime heavy duty outfit for 375.00 oxweld is lifetime also, purox is 5 yr warranty. harris is maybe 2, we quit selling them, and the victor i will soon quit selling also, had alot come back this year when china was added to the" made in" label, the old victor is good stuff, and thermadyne bought up victor years ago, and its went down hill quick, they were bankrupt a few yrs ago, grasping at straws to keep thier heads above water i guess,