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  • shopmate 300 dx

    has anyone checked the new shopmate 300 dx out? i'm thinking about finally getting some wire in the shop and this cought my eye. in my opinion, a guy can do anything wire can do with stick and tig but, if i want to start getting work farmed out to me i need a faster process. this mig package that comes with it, for the price, sounds like a good deal. i was just wanting some feed back on other opinions about this machine.

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    I only used it once but the Miller rep. brought a VS feeder instead of the control
    cable one. I always like a control cable feeder overall when in the short-arc.
    It's a good solid welding unit.

    Besides all that, I think it would be the Miller shop machine I would buy if I
    only had single phase power. I like the pulse and things the 350P brings
    to the table but if I was a betting man, I would guess the 300 DX is going
    to be a overall tougher unit. The Miller rep. said they found out the optima
    pulse unit will work with that unit. They found out by using it on it's bigger
    brother Dimension NT 450. If anybody from Miller could back that up, it would
    be nice to know for sure. It seems like all upside to those machines.