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Idle Problem Miller AEAD 200LE

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  • calweld
    First thing I'd do is check the voltage at the battery when it's running, see if it's charging or not (should be 13+ volts). This happened several times with my trailblazers (Onan engines), every time it was the rectifier/voltage regulator fried, battery voltage (12 volts or less) by itself wasn't enough to operate the idler electromagnet.

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  • jh1102
    Guest started a topic Idle Problem Miller AEAD 200LE

    Idle Problem Miller AEAD 200LE

    Just purchased the above unit. Great condition except it wont idle down after stopping the bead. Stays at the welding RPM. I was told by the seller that it had a bad circuit on the board. Does anyone have a similar machine that has experienced the same problem?