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    I am new to the board, but not to welding. I am a farmer in Iowa and have been welding since I was 10 years old. I have a millermatic 200 and have just also bought a trailblazer 250G on an estate sale. Serial number is Kb159349, does anyone know how old this machine might be? It hasn't been running in about 3 years and I didn't get any cables. I can get it running by putting fuel directly into the carb but it won't bring any fuel up from the tank. I am going to take it to a small engine shop next week and get it tuned up and running then find some cables for it. Thanks i advance for your help.

    Mike -WCIowa

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    If my numbers are right in my head...the KB prefix on the serial puts it at a '91 model?

    Since it has been sitting, the carb, fuel lines and pickup tube in the tank are probably needing work. The fuel pump may be toast as well. These are easily done. You could do them yourself and save some money maybe...but then I hate rebuilding carbs myself. You could consider replacing the fuel pump with an electric one. They would be cheaper than the Onan replacement maybe.

    The easiest way to go about getting rid of the suspect stuff is to have them replace the lines, pickup tube and filter in tank and start over. When I rehabbed my Bobcat, the fuel lines were in sad shape. The tank tube was rotted and crumbling. I even had to take off the tank and clean it out. It was a little work, but it proved worthwhile. After 6 years of sitting, it worked very well and I had no fuel issues at all. Just an idea.

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      welcome aboard.
      sounds like a carb clean at the leat is in order, your small repair guy should get ya up and going if you dont want to mess with it. some times its werth it to just let some one else do it if ya have the $$.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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        Either the suction hose is cracked or the diagphram in the vacuum fuel pump is cracked.


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          Here is a link to the serial number chart:

          And here is a link to the user manual:

          Hope this helps,

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