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    I was tinkering tonight, and my little buddy was in the shop with me like usual. My wife came in and asked if I was concerned with the dog getting damage to his eyesight while I was welding.

    How many of ya'll have a dog or cat in your shop, and has anyone has a pet get hurt this way?

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    Hi;Yes we have a golden lab that lives by my side. Fortunately we have him trained to go into the office whenever he sees me pickup the welder or hears the tractor start. Have heard of dogs blinded by welder flashes, so precautions are necessary.
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      Pets and welder flash

      Yes, I have heard of animals eyesight being injured by welder flash. My dog runs to the house when he sees the welder coming out. Had a cat once who was in the area when I was welding. Heard him cry and he had a trip to the vet. Not a good outcome. lpst some vision. now he stays in the house


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        I have decided that I will keep my little buddy away also. I'd hate for my youngest child to be hurt.


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          shop dawgs/and friends

          hey guys
          dogs children and any critters eyes that are not protected from flash burns suffer just like we do including customers (lawsuit)/i have a found dog that was raised in my shop/ she is not the smartest critter in the world just smarter than me/caught her staring at my tig welding early on /she liked the high freq buz/ thought it was neet/i had just lost my best friend dog of 17 years she was diabatic 2 shots a day/ yes dogs are as prone as us/ she went
          blind/ took the SWEETS to my vet and he said she had some eye damage/used the same salve as i use/she is ok now/ long story longer/i bought some of those bug i oxy fuel goggles becauses i wear glasses and as a joke put them on the sweets one day thinking she would shake them off/she likes them!!!!/ she now has a #5 lense/i try to keep her away but don't worry as much now/ will send a picture as soon as my wife gets unpissed she is the puter person up here i just weld pat from texas


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            I know this may sound stupid but it is true...I have got done and lifted my hood while welding on a boat over the lake on a lift and looked down at the water and the FISH had been gazing at the welding!!!! NO KIDDING!!
            I fergot to ask them if it hurt tho!!

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              Another sad but true... Truck drivers would park their side dump trailers side by side at night so I could weld the cracks and they be ready come morning. After finising the last I noticed over the fence stood a herd of bout 50 cattle...All were watching me! I'll never know if they found their way back to the barn or not.


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                I left him inside tonight while I did a small job. I bet you could hear the howling all the way to the neighbor's (100 yds).


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                  It seems animals are naturally attracted to bright lights. Fish will surface and look at a spot light at night, deer gaze into headlights and stop dead in the middle of the road, bugs swarm around the porch light, and anyone around us welders that we tell not to look at the light can be caught looking at it at some point. It's a good thing arc radiation diminishes after so many feet.

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                    Unfortunately, I'm dealing with this

                    My faithful fox terrier chihuahua mix has never been the shy type. The sounds of the shop are music to her ears, and she sings with the chop saw. Unfortunately about 2 years ago I was welding a 1 1/2" butt joint and didn't notice her inches away from the weld. My father had run over and turned the genset off, and told me that she had been biting the welding sparks (I never said she was the smartest dog ). Anyhow, I rushed her in, and she didn't have any visible damage to her eyes, no holes etc.. but over the last year her sight has degenerated rapidly. I'm not sure if it was my fault or not, but I feel horrible about it. If you walk around when the room is dim, she can't see it's you and goes into attack mode. She's even drew blood a few times, I turn on the light, and she has this "oh, it was you, sorry..." look on her face.

                    She's a *****dog, that's for sure


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                      Do not have a dog around at this time, sad but she would let me have another dog. Our last German Shepard passed about 5 yrs ago and she took it pretty hard. We have a black cat that wander in a few years and is a shop cat. Loves when I am working in the shop. Lays in the drawers of the shop box or on what ever I'm working on. But when I turn the welder on she leaves. You would think she was a dog.


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                        Shop Dog

                        All I have to say is that I value everyting I was born with: ears, eyes, fingers, toes, etc...

                        I take all shop safety seriously, and it seems like everytime I have a lapse in safety - it's painful, like a few weeks ago when I didn't have my gloves on and the angle grinder with the twisted wired brush jumped off the angle iron I was polishing and landed on my knuckle... ouch.

                        My old dog (14 years) loves hanging in the shop, and if I had a dog sized auto darkening helmet for her - she would be good to go. I let her hang while I'm doing the fit-up, but when it's time to burn welds she gets kicked out of the shop. Of course she sits on the other side of the door and howls like she has been abandoned....