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  • Who might be a machinist...?

    Well, time to harrass the masses! Are there any machinists in the house? Here's my dilema- I have three Milwaukee Steel Hawg annular cutters that I've inherited. Got them at an auction and they did not come with an arbor. Milwaukee would love to sell me one for over $200 but I was curious as to whether or not any other arbors will work with them. I know that the ones that Milwaukee sells have a bulb to manually pump fluid onto the work surface. I have no problem keeping the area sufficiently soaked with a spritz bottle if need be.

    My next question is where might I get a 4240 model machine? From what I can tell they have been discontinued and I can't seem to even find a used one. The reason I ask is because while trying to add a fourth cutter to the collection I got one off ebay that was not labeled as a quick change version of the bit. Nice, not a problem at the time... But that changed when I found that the new quick change bits are a "tang" drive. The old one, such as I blindly bought, has a channel on the inside for a key to slide into. The outside features a groove running horizontally around it for a collar to grab. Grrr... Any advice??

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    I would have to see an image of the Hawgs to tell you. As far as the machine, if you had given me a name, I could tell more about it.



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      jf- Sorry about that! The machine in question for use with the older cutter was a Milwaukee 4240. I've found parts list and references like that across the net but no bones on the real thing. Here's a link to the older style "quick change bit" that would fit it.

      I can't find the pix off the auction I won but there's another that is for the same system. It's ebay auction #270065899692

      If anything the part number is 49-57-1001 if memory serves me correctly. And from I've found out, with this bit, there are three different designations. The last 4 digits are the key to what style cutter it is. If it is, say for this size cutter, "1000" it is for a threaded arbor. If it is "1001" it's for the old style quick change chuck. And if it is "1002" it is "tang" style lock for the newer style quick change chuck.


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        Also, here is a link for the threaded version of the cutters that I have. This is one of them I'm curious as to using another arbor on.


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          There is a guy in the Ada area, named Harold Barker, he has all sorts of manual for machinery, and a good copier.

          He doesn't have a website, so here is his real address:

          Harold Barker
          3108 Klinger Rd.
          Ada, OH 45810

          (419) 634-7328

          I have some machines that he had the manuals for, they cost like $12.00 each.

          Beware Harold will keep you on the phone talking about machinery. He is an old guy and maybe a little lonely.

          Every body should note Harold's address and phone number. He is a great reference.



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            I am a machinist but my 4 lathes can't do metric threads...Bob
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            Bob Wright


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              small world. That's my ebay listing!



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                Originally posted by jeli View Post
                small world. That's my ebay listing!

                Hey Tom! I guess you may be the person to ask this of then. Do you happen to have the 4240 unit that these fit?? Secondly do you know if the regular threaded cutters Milwaukee makes would fit another arbor?? I'm new to the whole annular cutter area!



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                  Don't have the machine....I got the cutters with a bunch of tabbed ones and hougen ones. I've never seen threaded annular cutters. BTW it would be pretty easy to just use a stubby keyed shaft inserted in this type of cutter and then chuck it in a plain old drill press...