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  • newst welding project of the year

    So I figured id start a new project this year, makin a lamp for the front yard of my parents house, which im currently residing at. using my 225 amp ac/dc lincoln, was plannin on gettin a miller thunderbolt but I dont make enough $ to buy one in a reasonable amount of time... maybe later... heres a few pics of it about completed.

    Please note that the pictures arent the best due to that it was dark outside when I shot these and it was in my garage driveway.

    the best top to bottom shot I could get, the bottom part which looks like rocket fins is the base and will be burried. Yes that is scrap steel from the shop I work at

    another view not the best. The long piece of pipe is 2 1/2 inch, cant remember the thickness, and is about 8 ft long, on the bottom base, a bracket made from 2" pipe which I had torched some grooves in it to go into the base and welded in to hold up the long pipe.. on top is a lamp, which will be attached to a 4" peice of 2" pipe I welded onto a octagon box cover and was all the bushings and crap for the wire to pass through to the octagon box. on the bottom will be an outlet in a weatherhead box

    Thats my Lincoln welder, cheap but does a good job, not miller good though. and the green coveralls in the pic are my high school coveralls, but I got a nicer set now. when I get every thing somewhat finished im gonna re-inforce some of the welds by taking them to the shop I work at (wisdom industries) and flux core mig the joints then paint the post black. im not the best arc welder so ive been workin on gettin good at it. mig im gettin good at, and tig the one we had in the ag shop the freshman always busted it so I never got to learn. When I finish this ill post some pics of it in broad daylight andtry and show some of the welds for your viewin pleasure... try not to bag me to much on it
    Yea, I am 7'2... No, I do not play basketball!

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    just finished all the prefab not to long ago so I have it all set up til I take it down again tommorrow to put on the better welds and give it a good paint job.

    this the top of the pole 10" by 10" peice of 10 gauge steel, before you say anything, the octagon is gonna be changed to a new one, and the plate will be painted and grinded down

    a side view from the top, found some cutouts from the laser cutter at my shop and since the bossman dont care I occassionally take home some scraps that I see potential in, so I tacked them in on all sides of the plate and around the pipe

    distance shot from the bottom weight/support peice

    better shot, note my steel toe holding up part of the peice to hold it up better, welds arent the best on it, but when I get it to the shop it'l be grinded down and a second pass on the flux core will prolly happen the two inch pipe as mentioned early had strategically torched noches made so it would slide into the fins for a good fit... yes I got those fins from the shop too!

    wiring in the lamp part... using 14/2 UF. Again please note that this isnt the finished project

    lamp post attached to base, bulb and plastic inserts not installed yet

    getting the outlet wired

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"></a>

    basic wiring completed, couldnt find the straight blade male plug i got for it, but I had a few L5-20 twistlock plugs layin around and a few pigtails for em so it made do for temporairy

    lamp post up and running in the front driveway, yes it is snowin here, yes it is a bit nippy here in my neck of the woods up in fleming. the service outlet on the lamp post I really didnt need since I have an outdoor one less then 5 feet from where I plan to put the lamp... but I couldnt resist anyways. hopefully next week ill have it all gussied up and done, and if anyone sees a flaw or has a good sugestion to make please say so... thanks for havin a look

    There is nothing I find more rewarding then designing and building something you thought up of your own then seein it work.. even if its already been made
    Yea, I am 7'2... No, I do not play basketball!


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      Originally posted by HelgothJ View Post
      and if anyone sees a flaw or has a good sugestion to make please say so... thanks for havin a look
      Nice job on the light. I've just got a couple of comments/suggestions on your project.

      Where the base of the lamp housing connects to the electrical box, you might want to consider a way to make it waterproof. I worry that h20 will run down the lamp and get inside the box.

      Secondly, I can't tell from the photo, if you've used one, but suggest using a GFCI outlet on the pole, wired so the light is downstream. Of course it depends on whether or not the outlet will be switched with the light.
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