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    Advanced Class. No longer care to get the Extra Class, as Advance Class has gone away. Keeping mine, just out of nostalgia. Not very active, but listen when I can. Bought a new radio to go in the truck, but still havent' installed. 2-1/2 years, now. I rebuild/restore antique Harley engines/transmissions. Many projects ahead, if I can just purge my shop of customer work. Will begin building my first ever frame, to mate a Flathead 45 cu-in engine to a Big Twin 4-speed transmission. It will be use as a Land Speed Racer, as that used to be one of my passions. Whoever said that "us hams spread out in other interest" was right. Diverse bunch of people.



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      1 st year, KD8CKQ


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        hello all, im not a ham radio operator and i was wondering (in an abreviated version) what one is? and why do yall do it? i was just wondering, thanks in advance. Robbie


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          Not yet, but I'm starting a three day class tonight to get my license. No charge for the class and only a $14 license fee. I'll let you all know how it turns out.
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            N3AUA since 1979


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              73 De
              Miller giveth,
              Victor taketh away.


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                Does this count?

                I have a fishing license. ou8124me

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                  well this post enticed 3 more to join our ranks. to them i give a big how-do, good to have ya.
                  at what point dose it go from having a CB in the shop to needing a license ???
                  just wondering here.........but would it be possible to smoke the neighbors sat-dish with a radio ?
                  thanks for the help
                  hope i helped
                  feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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                    I've had a Ham license for about 20 years. I originally got the license so that I could fly radio control model airplanes on 6 meters. I have a Futaba 53.5 Mhz radio setup that works beautifully, although I haven't flown for a long time.

                    One thing that upset me was the fact that I got demoted by the FCC recently. I originally earned my Technician Plus rating with code and written examination. Now, with the recent changes, I've been
                    demoted to a standard Technician, a class that can be earned without code. I wonder what I did?
                    Oh well, it makes as much sense as anything else the "gummint" does these days.

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                      ive been wanting to get mine for years just too many irons in the fire...
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                        KD5AWS here in the South Plains of Texas. Just a Tech NO Code. Guess I'll go for my General one of these days.


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                          AA4CB here. Extra Class. I was the last Extra class group in South Carolina to be test by the FCC. ( Actually had to go to Charlotte N.C, to be tested ) Just after I got my Extra Class the Amateur Radio Operators took over testing from the FCC.

                          I also have a First Class FCC Commercial license and was tested by the Norfolk field office. I don't mess with radios much anymore. I had rather weld and play on the computer.
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                            Advance Class, about 25 years now.

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                            Stars & Stripes BWE signed by Andy

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                              I'm been a Ham for 10 years now, not as active as I want to be, just got tried of calling out and nobody responds. I must have a poor radio voice.
                              Bob, KF6OFL


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                                Amateur Radio Operators

                                Hi ! I'M also one of those . I have been licensed since 1980 .I currently hold a General license, and thinking to upgrade to Advance. I have a 48' tower and a Yagi antena waiting for me to get installed for the last few years .since I'm not as active as I used to be . I really love old fashion CW. Even if I'm not as good as I Like to be .
                                so, count me in Yours Trully .