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  • Ends on welding cables

    I have a new set of 2/0 cables and need to install the lug ends to attach to the welder. The welding shop sold me a pair of Tweco 2AF's to install.
    The guy at the welding shop sold refigerators last week so he was not much help at suggesting how to install them.
    I am thinking I would fill them full of solder and insert the bare cleaned copper cable into the molten solder? I installed ends on battery cables like that a long time ago, always worked, although it never looked as good as i would like.
    Does anybody have any experience using crimped ends like the heavy equipment shops use to fabricate new battery cables?

    Thanks for the guideance!

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    I've built several cables with the old ball of solder trick. What I usually do though is use big diameter shrink tubing and seal up the end when I'm done. Gives it a little cleaner look. I haven't used the profession crimpers, so I can't tell you anything about then. Good luck, SSS
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      I just use a heavy center-punch, looks just like a professionally crimped end . . .


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        i had a similer problem with my dins conector on my TA-185 ground or work clamp. here is the post on the other miller site on the 2nd page i show pic's of the way i fixed it, might be werth a few minuits of reading and checking out the pic's.

        my first thought was alos to fill it with sodder but went with a crimp end insted in the end and am verry happy with the results.
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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          I read the thread on the other page and it is informational. The idea behind the shrink tube is to also give it a bit of a strain relief. A lot of times, I'll put multiple layers of tube at different lengths back from the end. This gives is a tapered effect. I have a few connections that are the set screw style. One thing I do is smear corrosion prohibiting grease on the wire to extend the life of the connection, especially if it is going to be outside. The work clamp for the cable on my bobcat has a machined set screw boss and then a strain relief clamp back on the handle. In that case, I put grease and then back filled with silicon once it was in place. Probably a bunch of overkill, but I've had to replace too many wiring harnesses in the past because corrosion crept in under the insulation. SSS
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            I just put terminal ends on 1/0 wire with an anvil type crimper I bought at the welding supply store for about 15 bucks.
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