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  • deltaweld 450

    i found a delta weld 450 with feeder and 400amp gun for 1,400 bucks, what do you all think? it's a few years old but it works good. how far down should i try to jew him on it?

    also, it's a 3 phase machine but i need single phase. changing it over, would that effect the output or duty cycle or anything?

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    Are you directing that question to just Jews or can anyone answer?
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      That price seems a little high, I was looking on ebay at deltaweld 450's and they seemed to be around &600 USD. The company I work for has been trying to get rid of one for the past two years, they can't seem to find anyone interested in it for $800 CDN, that included two guns, a dual feeder, plus the cart. It's still for sale I think, but it's minus the dual wire feeder, though a single one might be available to go with the powersource.

      As for the three phase, I Know a single-phase can be pulled off of a three phase input voltage, but I don't think a three phase machine can be set up to run on single.
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        I don't know about the price but if i had 3 phase electric i would give my right nut for one . I used one for 8 years with an S-22 wire feeder on it and it was the best welder i ever used for heavy-med stuff for both alum and steel...Bob
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          Jonny is right on the single phase being pulled off 3 phase, but with out 3 phase, you will not be able to use the machine on single. Even a converter like used on machine tools probably won't work. As for rewiring??????Don't think that is doable either. Paul
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            Try checking into phase converters. I've seen units online that are big enough to run welding power sources.

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              I use to run a dimension 652 off of a phase converter and it ran fine, they can run you some bucks though
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                3 Phase

                About 3 phase power I beleave you can take 3 phase power and turn it into 1 phase just by dropping the red wire at both ends you still hookup the black , white and the ground your duty cycle will be 60% .Call electrician to varify


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                  thanks everyone. i decided to get a shopmate with the mig package instead. new with waranty.