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  • Message Board Food for Thought.....

    Ok, this is in no way prompted by Miller, but I'm just curious, so I'll throw it out there.

    What's your opinion on what the board has evolved into?

    Here's mine:

    Personally, I really enjoy it. I've mentioned it before, but I'm NOT a professional weldor, although I've been around it all my life and love doing it. I still have a ton to learn and hope I'm still burning stuff up when I turn 80. Right now, I think the board has a good mix of members. We have everybody here from spammers that don't even know what a weld is to guys that could build a pipeline in their sleep. The content is very diverse as well. Granted not all of it is directly welding, but it is in someway connected to the trades in general. As with most things, welding is not an island, but has to mesh with all aspects of construction and other disciplines.

    Unless something drastically changes, this will stay one of my usual surfing hangouts.

    See ya 'round the board,

    Oh if you do have something negative....keep it professional and tactful
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    I enjoy the diverse conversation this board has. I don't frequent any other boards, never have, this is the first. Most questions asked by members seem to get answered, or at least everyone's input about something helps to derive an answer in time. I've personally started learning more about my career since reading and posting on this site.


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      I am far from a professional welder. I do weld sometimes @ work being in plant maintenance. Mostly, however, I just do hobby projects and "play" at home. I really enjoy checking out the boards and what others have to say and the projects they do. I especially like checking out the projects, it gives me more ideas and things I can do. The information from those with years of experience and from the pros makes this well worth my time every second I am here.
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        I really enjoy the boards. I like the members, and they are very helpful to people. This was, is, and will remain my favorite place to hang out online.

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          I `am just a 7th grade student , but i enjoy this board very much I`am no pro welder , but can do pretty good compared to my cousin a 25 year old he is just about a pro welding is my favorite thing to do when I`am not at school that what I do in my spare time (WELD) I don`t have the best machine but it gets the job done! I also don`t have the best tools either but they get the job done My machine is a LINCOLN 3200 H.D.

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            Can't comment on "what the board has evolved into" since I've only been in attendance for a short time, but I'm impressed by what the board now is. I sort of divide my online forum time between this and the "TractorByNet" group of boards.

            My main time-waster is a fairly well equipped woodshop that is in one huge mess at the moment. My intention is to use whatever welding skill I may develop to build items for use in that shop - lumber racks, etc. - as well as any tractor/farm/home related things that might come along

            My welding experience/expertise is near enough to zero to be within the margin of measurement error. Strictly a hobbiest/Farm Home repair pseudo-welder but diligently working to improve - enrolled in an SMAW course at the local Vo-Tech. Not terribly impressed with that at the moment, but the class has only effectively met twice so we'll have to wait and see how that turns out. Currently own a Thunderbolt 225 AC/DC machine and recently indulged in considerable overkill buying a MM180 to cover thinner gauge material than the stick welder can conveniently handle.

            Used to spend considerable time in a woodworking forum on USENET - rec.woodworking - but, if you think you've got problems with spam in this forum, you should see that one. Of course it's unmoderated and the spam, obscenity, politics, and trolling so frequently outnumber and obscure any real content that I've given it up as a waste of time. You guys should thank your moderators daily and profusely for keeping this forum a pleasant and informative place for people to gather and discuss common interests.

            I thoroughly enjoy the conversations here and the normal conversational sidetrips through "off topic" subjects are, on the whole, a positive part of the experience. I'm very happy I stumbled across this group!
            Tom Veatch
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              I love being on this board. I'm not a professional either but I try my best to be one. Like wireburner said I don't have the best tools but I have access to some of the best tools. I also have a Lincoln 3200 H.d it does what I need it to do. If I need a good welder I just go to school and the big ol Syncro 250 or my uncle's house. If I need mechanics tools I tell my brother to bring some tools home from work. My dad loves it cause he has a good Diesel mechanic and a good metal fabricator as kids.

              If I can give advice I will give it if I can't I'll give it my best shot at it. Cause I get more on help here than I get in the real world.


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                I enjoy this group and 7 or 8 more as i am learning also. I am addicted even though i have been welding professionally since i was 18 and i am now 48. I have welded many many metals, processes and have used the best equipment made in big and small shops. Had it not been for welding i wouldn't have my dream job now as the welding got my foot in the door and ahead of 400 people standing in front of it. I can answer almost any question as i either saw it done or did it and will help anyone and my shop is always open if someone ever wants to play with my "toys" and learn....Bob
                Bob Wright


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                  message board

                  I've only been here for about a month now, and i love all the information all of yall have to offer. I visit the board daily to check out everything everone has to offer. this my first board ive been a member on and im very impressed. good work everybody


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                    Well I guess I'd have to admit to being a PRO also. I learned to weld at 13 and am now also 48. Went pro at 18 also but got paid for projects at 17 at my dads shop. Learned o/a first but done my share of 7018 on buckets etc below freezing. I still learn everyday.
                    I have evolved to the point of having a good enuff of a reputation in my area to just say what and where I want to weld and get it. Without advertising,simply word of mouth. I just tell 'em if you don't like the work it's free. I think the fact that I'm here and not at the bar shows that I'm still hopelessly OBSESSED with welding after 30+ yrs burning rod.
                    What I get from all you guys is it gives me new ways of looking at old problems and newer simpler solutions're never too old to learn. I'm thrilled I found it(this forum) and enjoy reading nearly every post on this and the Ask Andy forum too.
                    IT just flat fires my a$$ up about my work every day and I hope it stays that way....good thread STEVE!!!

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                      I stop here every morning and read whats up. I am not a professional welder I am just a farmer. I usually weld something every day be it a repair or a fabrication except at planting and harvest time. I have greatly appreciated the advise I have received here directly from my post and from others that I have read.
                      I would really like to thank Miller for the tape measure and hat they have sent me from participating on their boards as the only Miller equipment I have is a BWE. I sure don't get free items from John Deere dealer and I even have a couple of their planters (only green on the farm!).

                      Amos F


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                        I'm just a hobby welder for my shop and collection of old farm equipment and tractors. Love the hobby and also share part of my time woodworking. I do like the guys here and want to thank Miller.


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                          I started farm welding when I was 15 and that was 50 years ago. I have never welded as a pro but what I do weld usually stays togeather.

                          I built my first welder from a distrubition transformer. I got it from the local power company(try and get a transformer now, libility reasons). All the wiring was stripped off the lamated core and the wire was doupled untill I had the circuler mill area that I needed for the primary, than rewound the core. I had to buy the wire to wind the secondary. It just had one heat and that was pretty hot. The way I got around that was weld untill the base metal was about to burn through than stop and let it cool and weld some more.

                          I got my Syncrowave 250 about 1989/90 and brought the Linclon Idealarc sp200 back in 1984.

                          I am farily new here and do not post to much. If someone has a question for help, by the time I get on the site the question has already been answered and my answer would be redundit but I will help if I can.
                          My long winded answer was yes, I realy like the BB and the guys that post here. So far no smart or sourcastic answere like a couple of other BBs.
                          Don't ask me to do a dam thing, I'm retired
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                            ehh i havent been on in a few months so I really dont have a say, but I do like the projects people have took pictures of and posted
                            Yea, I am 7'2... No, I do not play basketball!


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                              To me This board has turned into my hangout every night for like 2 or 3 hours. To me welding isnt a job but more of sometihng fun. While I was off from school it didnt seem like I was working at all its all jsut fun to me. I really think I was ment to do this. I am sure there are many other people in the same situation as me. Everytime I post I hope there will be someone to add on to what I am saying to make it ether more complete or jsut agree with me. I am still young I guess more of thiese things will come with my age :P
                              Thanks for reading I hope my post helped