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    So, calweld, do you ever do anything smaller than 1" plate? I'm guessing the mining/excavation industry keeps you pretty well hooked up. I like your set up. Were you trying to get all that on a 350 at one time? I can see where you needed to up grade. Do you ever have much trouble with the fact that you are only 2WD. I've considered putting a locking rear in if I go with a 2wd straight truck. At least I'll have a little bit of an edge off of the pavement. Every time I think I've made up my mind about what to look for, I think of another idea or avenue. I guess it's really just going to depend what deal comes along first and then I'll make it work. That seems to be the way things usually work out. SSS
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      I was welding 3/16" landplane wheels this morning . . . that bucket in the picture was extended with 2" plate, it's now a 15 yard bucket.

      Actually, my customer base is very broad and diversified, I try not to concentrate on any one industry.

      Back when I was using the F350, I used the Miller Trailblazer 250. When I first got this truck, it had a Miller Trailblazer 4G (early '70's vintage), soon replaced with a Hobart Mega-arc 200 (a 325 amp CC machine), in both cases combined with the TB 250 and later the TB301 (for lighter work and the CV capabilities). When I got the Commanders a couple years ago, they have both CC and CV, plus the 500 amps plus I wanted, the second welder seemed redundant, and came off.

      The big problem I always had with weight was I like to carry a healthy assortment of iron with me, plus a good inventory of hardware, fittings, and bolts. And then you add the tools . . .

      Two wheel drive has never been a problem. Even my F350 was only 2WD. I can work a couple hundred feet from the truck if absolutely necessary. An air-locking rear end would be nice, but it really isn't common, when buying used trucks you just have to take what you can get. If the rear end ever goes out, it'll probably be replaced with a locker.

      I guess it's really just going to depend what deal comes along first and then I'll make it work
      That's exactly how it worked with me, the business kind of evolved to fit the equipment. Being in California, with the economic base we have, and the concentration of that base (most of my work is within a 20 mile radius), I had that luxury, you may or may not in your location.