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understanding my regulator?

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  • understanding my regulator?

    i recently bought a miller 150 sth.can someone please instruct me on how to set up my regulator.each time i change cylinders the cfh regulator takes alot of tweaking to get leaks are found,today the cfh needle does'nt move at all,and my psi works.please help.

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    a single stage regulator will change its settings as the presher in the tank changes.
    think of it as ajusting a garden hose at your house then going to a frends if the presher is diferent the flow will be diferent, so as the tank emptys the regulator will need to be reajusted, just as it will need to be when put onto a new full tank. the larger the tank the longer it takes to see the change acure, in smaller tanks presher change is faster so more ajusting will be needed.
    the only way around this is to get a 2 stage regulator, but they are verry big $'s
    nothing wrong with the gage its just the way they are.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      I have another question about regulators. I have a Harris that has 2 gages, one for the pressure of the tank and the other for the flow rate of the gas marked in cubic ft. per hour. It has one scale for argon and one for carbon dioxide. My question is does this mean this regulator is Ok for 100% carbon dioxide. I don't do that much continuous mig welding, but it has not frozen up as far as I know. Several years ago, the guy at the Airgas store set up my whole mig outfit so I hope he gave me what I needed.

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        When I bought my welding outfit, I didn't know enough to ask anything. I just wanted to learn to weld.
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          Originally posted by wayne50 View Post
          <snip>My question is does this mean this regulator is Ok for 100% carbon dioxide.<snip>
          Yes it's ok to use for 100% CO2, or for that matter any mix of CO2 & Argon up to and including 100% Argon. If it's not icing up, and you like using CO2, then I wouldn't worry about it. I much prefer using C25 for mig but thats just me.
          Regards, George

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            Originally posted by Frank865
            Why don't you ask the guy that sold it to you?
            If you don't trust him, why'd you buy from him?
            This is a perfect example of what we don't need on the forum.
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