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tandem axle displacement

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  • tandem axle displacement

    hello,i am building a tandem axle trailer and i am trying to figure out were to displace the axles on the frame.i am using rubber torsion there a formula to figure this out or a bias like 60/40 % thanks for any help

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    If it is just going to be a general purpose trailer, then I would stick with the 60/40 rule of thumb. In the case of tandem axles, they would be centered over that point. It's all about weight distribution between the axles and tow vehicle. Too far back and it will over load your truck. Too short and it will be hard to maneuver and will be unstable on the highway. If a trailer sways a lot at speed that is usually a sign that the cg is too far back. SSS
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      Trailing Axle Placement

      To properly set the axles use the manufactures recomendations. They will say were to put the axles! Fell free to look at any manufacture. Many manufactures exist.
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