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Why are there two boards? Ask Andy, and Projects

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  • Why are there two boards? Ask Andy, and Projects

    I'm fairly new here so please excuse a dumb question. Why are there two boards: "Ask Andy" and "Projects"? I know the titles imply different subject matter, but when I read the posts, both boards cover the exact same sorts of questions. Don't get me wrong, both boards are great and this is exactly the sort of stuff I want to read. I just don't see why it isn't all on one board, or why I had to register twice. I'll go mind my manners now. --- thanks.

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    Great question, I have often had the same thought?


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      In reality I beleive the intent was to have two different boards.....

      ASK ANDY - for Motorsports

      PROJECTS - for general welding project related topics

      It's not the fault of Miller that the two boards blended together, it'd be users posting. Oh well!


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        Two Miller Boards

        The first thing you learn is that nothing is easy. Miller's software allows multible boards. Back when they were new they were very differant. Now (who) cares.
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